The circle is defined by the fact that it has only one center point and that all points on the circle line have the same distance from the center point. (Norbert Lösche)

The term mandala comes from Sanskrit, the ancient, sacred language of the Indians. It means simply translated: circle. Thus everything that has to do with a circle in the broadest sense has a relationship with the mandala. According to the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, a mandala is an archetype or primordial symbol, i.e. a sign that exists in all of us, completely independent of the culture and history of each individual. It is believed to be older than creation itself.

The mandala shows itself on many levels. On the cosmic level, the sun in the center of planets, including our mother earth, is orbited in approximately circular orbits. Our solar system is part of the Milky Way, which in turn spirals around a center. The Milky Way is part of a universe in which innumerable star systems revolve around centers and the end of which cannot be foreseen. The earth itself is a three-dimensional mandala due to its spherical shape.
The mandala structure can be observed on earth in all manifestations of nature. As a blueprint in a snail shell, in the shape of a starfish, on the annual rings of a tree or the web of a spider. A daisy blooms in a mandala pattern, as does the rose and other flowers.
Man himself is a mandala. On the well-known drawing by Leonardo da Vinci (study of proportions) there is a human figure in a pentagram, a square that is circumscribed by a circle.

Norbert Lösche (2007)